ROTARY AUTO ELECTRIC INC. operates as an automotive importer, wholesaler, and retailer in the Philippines. It has become well-known as a home of leading-quality brands of auto electrical spare parts, such as Bosch, Hitachi, Leece Neville, Mitsuba, Mitsubishi, New Era, Nikko, Denso, Prestolite, RCP, Sawafuji, Transpo, TruMark, Unipoint, and WAI.

Rotary Auto Electric Inc. can also provide clients with spare parts that are not available in the company website, even without a minimum number of orders. Interested customers can contact us via the different means of communication provided.

Our History

ROTARY AUTO ELECTRIC INC. started on June 9, 1978 as a small store located at 1133 G. Masangkay Street, Sta. Cruz Metro Manila named “ROTARY COMMERCIAL.”

Our company began with the simple intention of doing business, and started making significant changes in the industry. Little by little, the company became recognized for its high-quality products.

Rotary Commercial then expanded to render electrical services such as repairs of starters and alternators, and built its reputation in selling and servicing of automotive parts. After several years, Rotary Commercial changed its name to ”ROTARY AUTO ELECTRIC INC.”

Excellent services have won the heart of many of our consumers. Our trademark has distinguished us from the rest and has stood guard in an environment that has grown more competitive over the years.

However, Rotary Auto Electric Inc. does not just sit on its laurels, and we owe our success to our loyal consumers. With this in mind, we continue to adapt and conceptualize better ways to provide service to our consumers and make the company more accessible.

Through hard work and perseverance, the company evolved from its humble beginnings and became one of the top importers, wholesalers, and retailers of various automotive electrical spare parts. For more than three and a half decades, Rotary has served countless clients with high-quality brands and parts at reasonable prices.

Thirty-five years of focused and exerted efforts has brought the company to where it is now. Henceforth, we take pride in our role as an institution that supplies quality and dependable automotive spare parts.


Our mission is to sell and serve our customers with spare parts that are of reliable quality at the best price. We strive to search for manufacturers worldwide to help consumers cope with the fast-paced economy and high cost of products. All our efforts are concentrated in serving these purposes to allow us to provide a large selection of products that will suit clients’ requirements.


Our vision is to be regarded as a leading marketer and distributor of various automotive electrical spare parts in the Philippine market, and to be recognized and continuously known as a ONE-STOP SHOP for both selling and automotive servicing.